Safeguard Your Most Valuable Assets with Strategic IP Protection

If your business has a name, a logo, or offers a unique product, service or process, you have intellectual property worth protecting.

Unfortunately, many small business owners often assume that protecting intellectual property (IP) will be unjustifiably expensive.  The truth is, IP is one of your most valuable assets and protecting it does not have to put you out of business.

With the help of an IP attorney, you can systematically consider what types of intellectual property your company should be protecting, the extent of protection you need, and a strategy for using the protection in conjunction with your business goals.

This begins with a discussion between you and your IP attorney about your business as well as your goals and competition. The attorney will perform an analysis of your company’s IP based on your conversation, a review of the marketplace and competitors and determine strengths and weaknesses you may have in any existing IP protection.

Equipped with the analysis, the attorney can recommend and prioritize protections for your consideration and approval. Especially important are trademark, copyright, and patent protection, transactions, and enforcement, along with the existence and protection of trade secrets.

The first step for any business owner is to learn more about what you need. For a free consultation, contact Dunn Carney’s Intellectual Property Law leader Kelly Lusk.