Dunn Carney pledges full support, commitment to ending systemic racism

The following is a Statement Regarding Racial Injustice shared with all Dunn Carney attorneys and staff by firm Managing Partner Jon Bennett on June 5, 2020.

Our collective consciousness has been shocked by the tragic and deplorable acts of violence committed against people of color across our nation. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, are three of the black lives that have recently been taken by these senseless and indefensible acts. However, there are many other victims who have lost their lives to the same insidious racism that allows violence and injustice to target people of color. We send our deepest sympathies to those victims and their families, and we condemn these deplorable acts in the strongest possible terms.

The massive demonstration movement that has been unleashed across the country in the wake of recent events, has placed a spotlight on the disease of racism that has infected our country and its institutions for far too long. We add our voices to the calls for reform to prevent future acts of racism and violence. We pledge our full support and commitment to ending systemic racism. We must confront racism and injustice wherever and whenever we find it, even in ourselves. We need to have frequent conversations about racism and inequality, AND take actions aimed at stopping institutional racism at every opportunity.

As part of our commitment to foster unity and cultural understanding, and to fight against racism, Dunn Carney is taking immediate action to re-examine our own practices and evaluate opportunities, internally and externally, to be part of the change that needs to occur. This is an ongoing process that is necessary if we hope to effect lasting change for our firm and our community.

As part of our commitment to change, Dunn Carney will:

  1. Continue to encourage all in the Dunn Carney family to use the tools we have learned from our work with Dr. Johnny Lake*, and continue to have candid and meaningful conversations about equity, inclusion and diversity with our firm colleagues, and with others outside the firm.
  2. Through our IDEA Squad (committee on inclusion, diversity, equity and awareness), facilitate workshops and other opportunities for safe, honest, and open, conversation within the firm. A roundtable discussion with Dr. Lake as moderator is scheduled for June.
  3. With the assistance of Dr. Lake and in conjunction with our June roundtable, we commit to issue a task list of additional action items setting out our path forward on these important issues no later than June 30.

We must learn from these events and all do our part to effect real change. Dunn Carney is committed to being a part of that change. We know you will all join in that commitment.

* Dr. Johnny Lake is an international consultant, trainer and speaker certified in programs regarding diversity, community-building, cross-cultural communication and interactions skills, equity and ethics.  He has worked with Dunn Carney and the firm’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Advancement) Squad since 2018.

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