Dunn Carney attorneys respect client safety, meet with clients remotely during COVID-19

See what our Estate Planning Team is doing:

Dunn Carney’s attorneys are working remotely in compliance with Governor Brown’s executive order pertaining to COVID-19. They are available to help clients with their legal needs in all areas including real estate, business, litigation, securities, mediation, and estate planning.  The firm is taking the following precautions to protect clients, family members, advisors and our Dunn Carney team:

  • Meetings by phone, conference call or video call (such as Zoom).  This allows clients to safely invite other business partners, advisors or family members to join the “meeting” as well.  We will set up the call or video meeting, so all you have to do is answer the phone or click “Join the Meeting” on your computer.  We’re flexible and happy to work with you whichever way you prefer.
  • Documents provided electronically (by email or fax) instead of paper if you want to avoid receiving paper documents in the mail. Of course we can also do both.

Dunn Carney’s team is here to help. Please find attorney contact information on the Attorneys bio page or see our Expertise page to learn about Dunn Carney’s areas of legal expertise.