Melissa Busley is an estate and tax lawyer who leads DC-LAW. Melissa Busley is an estate and tax lawyer who leads DC-LAW.

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Dunn Carney League of Attorney Women (DC-LAW)

We are committed to supporting attorneys as they advance through the firm.


Dunn Carney’s League of Attorney Women (DC-LAW) is committed to recruiting, retaining and advancing women attorneys. By promoting the advancement of diversity within the firm, we are working to ensure success across the board – not only for our attorneys, but for our clients, as well.

Discussing women in the legal profession and the challenges they face head on, DC-LAW addresses the topic frequently and thoughtfully. The group’s goal is to have more women advance to partnership and leadership positions within the firm while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance, supporting community involvement and charitable endeavors of interest to our women attorneys. DC-LAW seeks to achieve these goals by:

  • Building camaraderie and mentoring relationships within the group and firm as a whole;
  • Providing training opportunities to help women lawyers advance in their careers;
  • Communicating effectively about firm policies and practices including flexible work arrangements;
  • Having different paths for attorneys to achieve financial success within the firm; and
  • Supporting each other!

The League of Attorney Women has been holding bi-annual retreats since being founded in 2013 to discuss issues important to women in the legal profession and progress toward achieving the group’s goals. Since DC-LAW began, more women have advanced to partnership and equity partner status and taken on other leadership roles in the firm. Half of our women attorneys hold leadership positions within the firm, and nearly all serve on an internal firm committee.

DC-LAW is dedicated to achieving its goals, while supporting and promoting the unique talents of our women attorneys.

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