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Dunn Carney accepts credit cards and debit card payments through Client Pay Services, a cloud-based, professional services payment system. Client Pay is hosted in a 100 percent PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant facility to ensure transactions are safe, secure and protected.

Existing or prospective clients can pay an invoice or retainer by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Invoice Payment

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Retainer payments should generally be directed to our trust account for the state where the work is to be performed.  If you have any questions, please contact your attorney or our Accounting Department at 503.224.6440 or send an email to

Billing and Record Retention Policies

Billing Rates
We charge for legal services based upon current hourly rates for firm attorneys, paralegals, practice assistants and law clerks. Hourly rates may vary among personnel and we may adjust hourly rates on a periodic basis (usually January 1 of each year). If we do change our rates, the new rates will apply to all work performed after the new rates are implemented. We may use contract lawyers on the client’s engagement and when we do their billing rate may be higher than the rate at which we pay the contract lawyer.

Billing and Collection Practices
We will send monthly invoices for legal fees, disbursements, and other expenses incurred on the client’s behalf, unless a different billing cycle has been prearranged. These may include, but not be limited to, photocopies, scans, printing, messenger services, computerized legal research, travel expenses, and services provided by third parties, such as experts, court reporters, process servers and document reproduction services. Clients be asked to pay large charges in advance or directly to the service provider.

Generally, statements are dated as of the last day of the month, and include services and expenses incurred since the prior statement through approximately the third week of the month. Time and expenses not posted at the time of billing will appear on the next invoice. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change the basis and amounts that we bill for costs and other charges in the future and to terminate our representation and services on your behalf if invoices are not paid promptly. All invoices are due upon receipt. Invoices not paid within 60 days after the invoice date will be assessed a late fee of 12 percent per annum (1% per month), calculated on the past due amounts.

Records Retention
It is our policy to keep clients as informed as possible. Clients will receive documents, pleadings, correspondence and other information throughout our representation and these copies will be the client’s file copies. When all legal work necessary for your matter is complete, the file will be closed. Under our document retention policy, we normally destroy client files 10 years after a matter is closed, unless longer retention is instructed in writing. Consistent with all applicable rules of professional conduct, the firm will use its discretion as to the retention or destruction of all lawyer work product and any client materials that remain with the firm.